A quick peep behind the curtains.

So, we had this idea to create a collective of rock photographers - people who spent their whole careers shooting some of the most famous rock stars on the planet, and are now sitting on vaults with (literally) tens of thousands of film negatives of these folk.  We wanted to unearth the, and offer them for sale to the public, thus providing a means for the photographers to earn a few pennies in their retirement (many of them are now), and most importantly to bring their fascinating and important work into the public domain. 
Initially, we sold these images as expensive giclee prints, but soon realised that most people don't have a spare £200 knocking around for one of these, so we switched to t-shirts.  We knew we could only do this if the print quality was there, and as luck would have it, right here in our own city, we found Bristol Fashion - professional t-shirt printers, using state-of-the-art direct-to-garment printers, allowing it to be commercially viable to sell t-shirts for £19.99 to the public.
First though, we had to set up a website, and for that we needed model-images for our t-shirts.  So, we called up Aaron and Ioni, had a t-shirt and vest-top printed up, hired a sculptor's studio in Stroud, and sent Phil Nicholls along with some gear. 
This composite image are all snippets from the video we shot that afternoon, back in 2017.