INSIDE INFO: 007: Our photographers give you the inside information behind the shoot. BRETT ANDERSON OF SUEDE BY MICHAEL ROBERT WILLIAMS

Photographed in 2003, by our photographer, Michael Robert Williams, here’s Michael’s memory of the shoot.

<< From a session with Suede for a U.S. magazine feature in promotion of their Singles compilation album. I remember this having to be a fairly quick shoot, they were in rehearsals for a series of shows, but I enjoyed it - I was a fan of Suede already and had been to see them twice in concert as a student - I had to work pretty quickly however, which I can but I prefer to take my time when possible and chat a bit and keep it relaxed, but there really wasn’t much time for that. All very nice guys though and I got a few portraits I was very happy with.

Soon after the series of shows Suede announced they were taking an extended break. It would be seven years before they would work together again as Suede. In the years between Brett worked again with former suede guitarist Bernard Butler under the name The Tears, and released three solo albums…>>

At the time of writing, (May 2020), this image is not yet part of our catalogue, but we’re working on it.