INSIDE INFO: 002: Our photographers give you the inside information behind the shoot. THE PRODIGY BY PHIL NICHOLLS

The Prodigy, Chelmsford, Essex. 15 January 1996.

It was freezing out on a patch of wasteland in Essex where we were shooting the press images and sleeve pics for the Firestarter campaign. It’s the stars and stripes jumper that Keith Flint is wearing that really made the session for me. He was so funny that day. Between locations we stopped at a garage to pick up sandwiches, I walked in with Keith. We were confronted by two old chaps whose jaws literally hit the floor when they clocked him.

Later, on the wasteland, Keith found a knackered old golf club and immediately took up classic golfing poses for me, full swing, hand shading eyes as the imaginary ball disappeared into the distance One comment from him I’ll never forget; it was cold and misty that day, really cold, and I’d chucked a flask of brandy into my pocket before leaving home. We took a break during the shoot and I offered the band a slug of the finest. A cigarette too, (I remember they were Marlboro Red, I favoured them in my smoking days). They all declined and Keith said, ‘No thanks Phil, we don’t use ‘em!’ I thought that was brilliant!