INSIDE INFO: 004: Our photographers give you the inside information behind the shoot. DIZZEE RASCAL BY MICHAEL ROBERT WILLIAMS

special memory from Michael as he reveals two images from his shoot with grime king, Dizzee.
These are not yet available in the RPC catalogue, but we are working on it. Watch this space.

Dizzee Rascal' (Unpublished Outtake), London, 2004.

I photographed the British MC, rapper, songwriter and producer, Dizzee Rascal for a US magazine feature to coincide with the US release of his debut album 'Boy in da Corner’. We went with an edgy kinda vibe to the shoot, shot out on location in London in 2004. This outtake is just riffing on the tee he’s wearing.
A huge critical success, 'Boy in da Corner' went on to win the Mercury Prize for best album from the UK, and is now viewed as a key album in the development of grime music while its creator became the UK's first internationally recognised rap star.