INSIDE INFO: 005: Our photographers give you the inside information behind the shoot. LEONARD COHEN BY TONY BARRATT FEATURING LUCCA BARRATT (aged one) 1993

In 1993, Tony Barratt was one of the industry’s leading photographers. He’s one of our best-sellers, today. The creative vision Tony had for his subjects is immense - he’s released to us, today, this example of a shoot with Leonard Cohen.

The image speaks for itself, but to give a bit of context, here is Tony's take on it, straight from his keyboard.

<< The night before the shoot I'd been playing around with Lucca (my baby daughter) and held her upside down in front of the mirror. Most photos of Cohen were quite serious. I wanted to accentuate his playful side. On the day of the shoot, we took a few shots, and then I mentioned the idea. Thankfully, he loved it. My daughter was brought in by her mother, Jan, who was outside, waiting patiently. We managed to get a few shots, and then understandably, my daughter started to scream the place down. Cohen was lovely. Patient, warm, and the perfect gentleman. He told me how his son had been badly injured in a car crash, and he'd had to teach him how to walk, eat, function. "You never stop being a parent, man", he said. How very true.>>

For Lucca’s perspective, as a (then) 24-year old, read the article that appeared in The Guardian in October 2016.…/leonard-cohen-baby-lucca-joy-…

Tony bought Lucca one of our hoodies with this very image, as a Christmas gift. We’ve included some of Lucca’s very own shots of this taken on her camera phone.