INSIDE INFO: 006: Our photographers give you the inside information behind the shoot. THE SULTANS OF PING BY TONY BARRATT FEATURING LUCCA BARRATT.

In the article (link posted in 005) in The Guardian about the Leonard Cohen shoot, Lucca (now as an adult) also mentions this shoot with The Sultans of Ping.

So, again, we hand over to Tony for a short explanation of what’s going on. See also, the link to the newspaper – The Irish Examiner, in which this image was featured again, after its original commission for the N.M.E. all those years ago.…/the-rise-and-fall-of-iconic-…

<< I was asked to go over to Cork to photograph the Sultans for the NME. It was Easter, so I persuaded the record company to allow my wife and child to come over too. I'd photographed the Sultans before, and knew they were lovely lads.

On the plane over, I had the revolutionary thought that Cork was an anagram of rock and asked Niall if we could write this on his torso. Of course, says he, whilst also admitting his shock that Cork is indeed an anagram of rock! I have no idea how Lucca got into the picture, but, somehow, she did...story of her life really, as it was featured in The Irish Examiner a couple of years back.>>