Many of our images have a back story.  These stories usually come directly from our photographers’ memories of the shoot. The fascinating thing (we hope) about these is that the photographer usually has a unique, unbiased perspective.  

Often, there are stories about how the shoot came about or the photographer’s creative vision for it. As a prime example, take Tony Barratt’s wonderful piece about the Leonard Cohen image (pictured) that he shot in 1993. (005). Read how Leonard Cohen came to be holding a toddler by her ankles.  

Our intention is to provide insight and interest - we’ve numbered each story as it arrives.  You’ll also find these on our social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

We are interested in the idea of producing a hardback, glossy book – a call-back to the days when every teenager got an annual for a Christmas present. So do look out for that later in the year.  The first place we will list it for sale is right here.