INSIDE INFO: 011: Our photographers give you the inside information behind the shoot. KRAFTWERK, BY STEPHEN PARKER. By way of a tribute to Florian Schneider of Kraftwerk, who death was announced on Wednesday 6 May 2020. Florian had just turned 73.

We bring you these two wonderful images of Kraftwerk at the Tate Modern, taken by our photographer, Stephen Parker. 

Here’s Stephen talking about how he came about these images.

<<My wife and I had tickets to see Kraftwerk perform at the Tate Modern.  Knowing how tight security would be, there was no way I’d get in with my pro-camera.   Somehow, we met a rather dubious character in the local pub, who claimed he worked on the lighting rig, and could get us into an ‘area for photographers’ the next night. £25 for both of us. His mates all looked like villains from 70’s tv show, ‘Minder’.

It turned out he had a deal with the security guards who were in charge of the smoking area around the back. Come the night of the gig, they waived us in, pro-camera n’all.  We only paid the guy when we got inside. Naughty, but hey, it was Kraftwerk!  Sometimes you need to be a bit stealthy when it comes to capturing images that might just turn out to be classics. These are two of the best I shot that night.