RPC: First Exhibition At Ryder Fest, Theoc House, Tewkesbury. August 2016.

I've always had this dream of exhibiting with my tutor and mentor Angela Williams.  On August 1st 2016, on the opening night of the charity festival, Ryder Fest (Sue Ryder) in Tewkesbury, it finally happened.

RPC kicked off the festival with a joint exhibition hosted by Theoc House. Angela and I showed our own work, which included musicians and actors photographed across six decades. Every image was chosen to compliment another on show.  The collection included Audrey Hepburn, Pink Floyd, Amy Winehouse, Barbra Streisand, Joe Strummer, The Prodigy, Paul Newman, Courtney Love, Bjork, Nick Cave and Marianne Faithfull, to name but a few. It was a headache of a challenge to decide upon a final set of images to exhibit.

Angela and I began the evening with a talk.  We decided to busk it on the night, rather than read from a script; just telling our story, if you will.  We ran through memories of college days where we met at Bath Academy of Art, talked of Angela's work assisting the iconic British fashion photographer, Norman Parkinson, and told the story behind individual pieces. We finished with a Q&A session which I loved, and appeared to be very well received by the audience.  We talked again of individual pieces and touched on the subject of analogue versus digital photography, which sparked off a great debate.

So, a dream was realised for me. The ethos behind this collective began to take shape that night. David Trew (my business partner) and I, are now dedicated to this new and extremely exciting organisation we've called Rock Photographers Collective, because, well.... it is exactly that!  We plan to carry RPC forward in celebration of music and photography, with a view to making the company a collective of as many great photographers out there who wish to join us.

It really worked at that first event which was very much as the old expression goes; "flying by the seat of our pants"..........but, we carried it off, and had a fantastic time. The evening continued with a host of acoustic sessions by some wonderfully talented musicians and ended with a great performance by the band Future Set.


Phil Nicholls
RPC Creative Director