About the Rock Photographers Collective

About the Rock Photographers Collective

"Imagine an online store that has collaborated with, and been licensed by the world’s greatest rock photographers"

The Rock Photographers Collective is a gathering-together of some of the rock industry’s magicians of still-photography. From album covers to music news stories, promotional sessions, and gig pictures, these professional photographers have spent their careers shooting some of the world’s most iconic musicians.

Many of the images have not seen the light of day for decades. Some have never been seen before. At RPC you can buy any of these glorious images printed on T-shirts, vest-tops, and tote bags.

RPC hopes to do its bit for photographic history by creating a large catalogue of rock images. Over the years, many of these images have appeared as the most recognised album covers in rock history. For example, Martyn Goddard’s photo session for The Jam’s debut 1977 album, ‘In The City’, or Phil Nicholls’ session with The Prodigy for ‘Firestarter’. Then there’s Angela Williams’ impromptu 1966 post-gig Pink Floyd session in her kitchen, or her gorgeous backstage, pre-gig picture of Barbra Streisand from the same era. Phil Nicholls’ 1984 shot from stage-left of The Smiths at Glastonbury, and his intimate 1987 portraits of Lemmy Kilmister at home in London. Martyn Goddard’s pictures of Freddie Mercury performing live, Debbie Harry pictured during the recording of ‘Parallel Lines’, stills of George Michael performing in his videos, and Pat Pope’s up-close-and-personal portrait shots of David Bowie, The Beastie Boys and Foo Fighters.

What's the story?

Most of these photographs carry a backstory, as told by the photographer him/herself.

London - 25th August 1987

I was 24 and I’d already been working with Melody Maker for a couple of years when they sent me to meet Lemmy.

9.30am at his London apartment he asked if I’d like a drink. "Coffee will be great," I replied.

"I've only got Jim Beam," he said. Well, when in Rome. What you gonna do? 

Phil Nicholls

Photographer licensed images

What’s available here comes directly from the photographers’ archives. The intellectual property rights to each image belong to the photographer. These images are not official merchandise, rather RPC’s own brand. This is what makes them so unique.

Every product we offer will be accompanied by the photographer’s signature, and an RPC branded label, on whatever type of T-shirt or tote bag you buy. You may like your RPC t-shirt so much that you never wear it. Pin it to your wall, or put it in a frame. That's absolutely fine with us. 

We will add content regularly, and encourage visitors to get involved with discussions on our social media sites. We’d love to hear your comments, and requests for new images.

Happy browsing, and welcome from everyone at RPC.