Customised Tee Designs by Amy Lawlor

If you’re looking for a way to make your t-shirt more feminine, why not let Amy customise it for you?

Choose from three designs, as below.

(Note the garment start-type - male or female to ensure you order a tee that can be customised).



Tank Tee (Bowie L Female) with tie. Relaxed fit Tank top with optional tie which you can use to alter the shape of the top and change the fitting. For your everday thing.



Dress Tee (Prodigy – x2L Male) - oversized Tee with cut sleeves and optional belt/tie to bring the shirt around the waste to create a flattering silhouette. Relaxed fit, perfect for any occasion.



Bardot Tee (Dee-Lite L Male) is a loose fitting and oversized Tee. The optional sleeve tie gives the shirt a cute and flattering ruffled lift whilst the dropped shoulder gives the Tee a contemporary 80/90’s aesthetic. Release your inner Vogue!

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Boyfriend Tee (Tom Waites M Male) – oversized Boyfriend Tee with a rolled sleeve (optional) to soften cut. The back of the shirt has a slit up the middle of the back giving two styling options; open, exposing lower back. Tied in a knot to create an oversize crop top. One top, two styles – what’s not to love?