Nick Elliott
Nick Elliott - Rock Art Photographer

Internationally renowned rock art photographer, Nick Elliott, has transcended a desirable reputation for producing powerful iconic pieces of photographic art in his inimitable avant-garde style.

His images have frequently been featured as album artwork and published extensively across the media for over 35 years.

Nick’s fine art, limited edition creations are in high demand and continue to be exhibited in galleries across the UK, Europe and the USA.

Planet Rock Radio 

For 11 years, Nick enjoyed the position of Official Rock Photographer for Planet Rock Radio and has had the privilege to work with over 300 mainstream music artists and rock bands, including Motörhead, Metallica, ZZ Top, Debbie Harry, Ozzy Osbourne, The Who, Def Leppard, The Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden, Robert Plant and Earl Slick. Nick’s images have been extensively published in Classic Rock, Get Rhythm, Kerrang, Sound and Fatea magazines.

Robert Plant performing on stage
Robert Plant performing on stage

Music agencies, Darla FR, Music Pictures, and Wire Image have also procured Nick’s art for national tabloid publications. Nick has been involved with many successful radio and podcast productions and can be regularly heard guesting on shows for UK and worldwide audiences including CMR Nashville Radio. Nick’s own radio show ‘A Night In With Nick Elliott’, has amassed thousands of regular international and national listeners that tune in for the American mellow playlist.


In June 2015 a world’s first exhibition, ‘Size Matters’ held at Cholmondely Castle, Cheshire hosted a unique collection of Nick’s rock images. It was visited by over 75,000 people and viewed online by 1.5 million people worldwide. It continues to be critically acclaimed by media and TV as a resoundingly successful world’s first. Nick has produced numerous fine art coffee table books crammed with hundreds of breathtaking rock images that continue to be a source of influential reference for the rock art industry.

Slayer live
Slayer live on stage

‘UK to USA Tour’ is Nick’s first ever stateside tour, which follows him through various US states appearing at high profile venues. During this Nick will be recounting stories from his illustrious career and life, and narrates insightful backstage tales involving the various artists that he has worked with, many of them who are now good friends.

The Story So Far documentary

London based Nick is currently working with Aturn Film Productions to produce ‘Nick Elliott - The Story So Far’, a TV/cinema documentary charting his rock photographer’s unique life. Aturn Films are currently producing Nick’s first virtual tour of his unseen fine art rock collections.

Kasabian live on stage
Tom Meighan of Kasabian

Nick’s genius in the studio and his ability to capture the intensity of the live musical performance, makes him one of the world’s most revered rock art photographers of all time. Driven by his incredible passion, and the desire to create breathtaking images of the musical artists who have been his inspiration, exposing the very essence of the performers’ inner most soul in a way that no other can.

Nick continues to produce thought-provoking, contemporary collections of photographic fine art that will linger and play a paramount role in photographic history.

Ozzy Osbourne live on stage
Ozzy Osbourne by photographer Nick Elliott

For us at the Rock Photographers Collective, it is a joy and privilege to be working with a rock art photographer of Nick's calibre. Look out for any exhibitions we are doing over the coming months - Nick is sure to be invited as a guest-speaker.

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