⚡ Phil Nicholls

⚡ Phil Nicholls

After leaving school, Phil studied for a degree in photography at the prestigious Bath Academy of Art in Corsham. Almost immediately after graduating, Phil started to work for Melody Maker, one of the most popular music magazines of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

His work for MM, took him all over the world, photographing what were to become the household names of the music industry. Run DMC, The Clash, Courtney Love, Lemmy Kilmister, (Motorhead), The Cure, Amy Winehouse, Bjork, Boy George, Pixies, Billy Idol, Ian McCulloch, Leonard Cohen, The Smiths, Richard Ashcroft (The Verve), and many, many more. 

Phil’s archives run to thousands of film strips collected from 30 years in the industry. Phil has also worked on corporate and fashion commissions for clients such as Jay Z’s Rocawear, Nokia Music, Eden Project and Peter Werth. In December 2009, his third book, ‘Savoir Faire London’ (New York Review of Books) was nominated for the Gormaund World CookBoook Awards, representing the US in the final.

His previous titles include Traditional Shops & Restaurants of London and the cult classic, Classic Cafes (Black Dog Publishing) - a study of London's iconic and fast disappearing, formica-laden architectural treasures.

Phil continues his work as a photographer, and one of the two founding directors of Rock Photographers Collective.

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