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Stefan de Batselier

Stefan de Batselier was born in Antwerp, Belgium, where he grew up. Inspired by his Grandmother, a photographer in the 1920s, music photography in the N.M.E., and the fact that years of playing in a band wasn't going to turn him into a rock star, music photography seemed like the perfect combination! Stefan completed a BA in photography in Brussels.

In those days (the late 80s) a diploma was required to be able to work as a photographer in Belgium. While still at college, Stefan claimed his first ever assignment as a photographer - a press conference with David Bowie in Paradiso, Amsterdam.

After a year in Belgium, he moved to Manchester, England. He had never been to the UK. Soon after, he started work for the N.M.E., and moved to London. Life was never the same again. This was a dream come true! Other magazines and record companies followed. His work has been syndicated worldwide.

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