Portrait Pink Floyd Kids' T-Shirt Portrait

Colour: Black
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Pink Floyd photographed by Angela Williams

Location: London, UK

"I saw The Pink Floyd at the ICA. The rooms were tiny in Dover Street. They brought large speakers and a psychedelic light show. Afterwards, everyone fell out onto the pavement in shock. They came to my flat in Redcliffe Square, and I took a series of very 'straight' portraits of them looking very cool, in their flowery shirts and shades. I made some prints with double exposures. This image is made from the same negatives but it looks different now, 40 years later." Angela Williams

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  • Printed on a premium quality 100% cotton, fair-trade shirt, using direct-to-garment, eco-friendly inks at 600dpi photo quality.
  • Best washed inside-out at 30 Deg C. Despatched within 48 hours of order.

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